Awards and decorations received by Wing

Aeronautical Rating

Pilot / Basic Mission Qualified (BMQ)

Minimum Qualifications:
- Completed Surface Attack (SA) and Night Surface Attack (NSA) blocks of B-Course
Squadron Patches

Virtual 93rd Fighter Squadron 'Makos'

Members of the Virtual 93rd Fighter Squadron.
v93 FS F-16C Flight Hours

93 F-16C Flight Hours

For aircrew who have logged at least 93 online flight hours in the F-16C while serving in the Virtual 303rd Fighter Group.
Passed the 93 total flight hours in the F-16C milestone
Certification Rating

F-16C Instructor (IP)

Members who have completed the F-16C Instructor Pilot Upgrade (IPUG)

Group Commander

Members who have served as a Virtual 303rd Fighter Group Commander.
Recommended by v303 FG Snoopy for Promotion to v303 FG Commander. Promotion granted.
Achievement Medals

Founding Member Medal

Members who originally founded the Virtual 303rd Fighter Group on August 31, 2022.

Military Service Medal

Members who have served in the United States Military. We appreciate your service and sacrifice.
Served in the United States Air Force. The Virtual 303rd Fighter Group would like express sincere appreciation for your contribution of honorable service to our country. You have helped maintain the security of our nation during a very critical time in history. The sacrifice you and family have devoted to duty will never be forgotten. Best wishes to you and a blessed future ahead.

Investor Medal

Users who have donated into the Virtual 303rd Fighter Groups operation costs. (Website, Server, Ect.)
Deployment Medals
Operation Hedge Of Protection Campaign Ribbon

Operation Hedge Of Protection Campaign Medal

Members who participated in Operation Hedge Of Protection Campaign.
Minimum Qualifications:
- Participate in at least 50% of the Campaign Flight Nights in the AOR
For honorable participation in support of Operation Hedge Of Protection Combat deployment. Phase 1.
Participation Ribbons

1k MSGs - Contributor Ribbon

Awarded to all members of the v303 FG who contribute at least 1000 forum messages.
Time In Service Ribbons

1 Year - Longevity Service Ribbon

Awarded to all members of the v303 FG who complete 1 year of honorable service.