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  1. Screen_230222_203334.jpg


    Wing taking on fuel before we hit the range.
  2. Screen_221208_192636.jpg


    v93rd 4-ship sitting at Echo East EOR at Nellis
  3. Screen_221208_190851.jpg


    Sitting on the ramp at Nellis AFB as the v303 taxi by
  4. Screen_221208_193222.jpg


    Running up on 21L at Nellis for staggered departure
  5. Stalker

    Hey there!

    Hello all, I have been playing DCS since 1.5 in late 2017, but I have never taken it too seriously until now. I started with the P-51D and then A-10C, and I have by far the most pit time in the A-10C. I pre-ordered the F-16C but haven't touched it much since, been waiting for a full release. I...
  6. Stalker

    Welcome Stalker to the v93 FS 'Makos'!

    Thank you! I look forward to learning and building with this group! Hopefully I can bring something to the table. Cheers, Stalker