v303rd FG Installment Costs

v303rd FG Installment Costs

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You're welcome to donate any amount you'd like to support us!
The Virtual 303rd Fighter Group is a strictly non-profit, volunteer endeavor.
However, this does not mean there are no costs involved. Time invested/costs maintaining and hosting the infrastructure for the website, forums, official servers, backups, and group development tools can be expensive over a prolonged period.

If you wish to help our volunteers pay for this hosting, please consider making a donation. Any amount helps! All donations only go directly toward costs associated with hosting the Fighter Group and excess will be rolled over to future years.

Contributions are always logged and tracked. The Fighter Group expense report will be reported quarterly at our Group-Wide meetings.

Please note that donations are non-refundable.
Once a donation is made, you will be awarded the "v303rd FG Investor" Ribbon & Medal.


Your support keeps the site going for all of us in this hobby.
Thank you for your contribution!
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