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Christiansburg, VA, USA
Hey y'all! I go by Bear for pretty much anything outside of real life because of a nickname from when I did Boy Scouts growing up. DCS-wise, I've been doing flying for a couple of years, primarily RIO'ing in an F14A. I've also done some time in a F16, F18, and the A10CII. I've decided that I want to change it up and get out of the back seat and do some ground attack stuff in the A10 and help the AI troopers get back to their digital families.

Outside of DCS, I'm 28 with 2 kids, 3 and 19 months, separated, and I work in the geospatial science field doing machine learning and general analysis. I'm a geography nerd, but I also enjoy fishing (not very good) and I'm starting to do CNC wood carving.
Welcome DancingBear DancingBear , nice to have you here. As a geography enthusiast, I am sure you will enjoy our public facing side navaids pages. Probably due for some updates to these pages, so feel free to let me know if you see anything that may need improvements! On my list to work on later this year
Yeah! I bought CombatFlite forever ago because I thought it was cool you're able to do navaids and planning documents in it.
Definitely - our mission planners utilize Combat Flite on the regular. Great program for our use.