POLL Super Bowl LVIII Prediction

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Who will win Super Bowl LVIII?

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This is a tough one to bet on... I am going to have to place my bet with the 49ers tho, solely because of my reluctance to support anything TSwift :ROFLMAO:

In all seriousness, Mahomes with a running game is absolutely terrifying, and I do not think the 49ers D will be able to stay off the field. Mahomes has the same inevitably feeling as Brady did.
On the defensive side the chiefs defense have played far better as a unit than the 49ers. The Baltimore game was huge in showing they can stop the run consistently and reliably.

Key for the Niners has to be to keep Mahomes off of the field by winning with the zone run, which they are exceptionally good at and the Chiefs defense struggles against.

If they can control time of possession and get to 35 minutes, maybe a little more they should be in a decent position to control the game.